Lucky you! No worries, just send us an email at reception@ousa.org.nz and we can help you change the name on your tickets! However, if you have pre-purchased multiple tickets for you and your mates, and have the same name on each ticket, unfortunately we can’t change individual names on multiple purchases. Frustrating, but fear not, your tickets will still be valid for you and your lucky mates. Just turn up to the gates with a valid ID and the tickets, you’ll be sweet.

If you bought a Super Pass – then YES! You need a wristband and/ or physical Zooper Pass card.

The OUSA Main Office! We are under the OUSA brick archway next to Union Grill and the on campus Uni Bookstore, at 640 Cumberland Street.

You need your Student ID to collect wristbands, and then you will just need an age ID on event night or take both if you have individual event tickets.
Come in to the OUSA Main office on 640 Cumberland Street and speak to us, we can help you out!

Your e-ticket doesn’t get you in to any of the events! It is just your proof of purchase. You need to go and get this scanned at the OUSA Main Office, and they will issue you your Super Pass wristband and Zooper Pass. You must have your wristband to get into the gigs!


In a nutshell – head in to the OUSA main office from Saturday 20th of February to get your QR code scanned and get your Super Pass wristband and Zooper Pass card.


See wristbanding days below!

Your Super Pass wristband does not gain you entry into the toga parties. You need to bring your toga party ticket to gain entry into the toga party!!!

Toga Party Tickets are sold separately OR at an additional cost to the Super Pass package. Please get in contact with your Hall of Residence for more information on tickets.

Your wristband is your ‘ticket’ to all the events covered by your pass (except Toga – see above). The wristband has a slide and lock system, so please resist the temptation to pull this tighter. Please see the lovely reception staff at the Main Office if it is too tight.

No. It just makes it more likely to fray and come off. If you lose your band it WILL NOT be replaced or refunded.
Sorry, but we can’t help you with this one. There will NO replacements, no matter how much you plead with us.
No! Bring in your phone or a print out of the QR code to swap for your physical Zooper Pass card at OUSA main office before your first game.
You’re pretty much sussed! Just take your ticket with the QR code straight to the gig, along with Student and Age ID. (BUT you must come in to the OUSA main office if you bought a Super Pass).
Not the best idea you’ve had this year. We take your safety, and that of other concert goers seriously, and we also intend to safeguard our liquor licence. Security and bar staff will scan the queues waiting to gain entry to the venue, and anyone deemed to already be heavily under the influence will not be permitted entry.
Yep. But we will show you to a safe area to sober up a little, before offering you a lift back to your place of residence. But no, you won’t get a refund on your ticket.
Again, we take yours and other patrons safety real serious, so if bar staff, security, or other event personnel feel you’ve over done it, and you’re looking a little worse for wear intox wise, then we will show you to a safe area to sober up a little, before offering you a lift back to your place of residence. Again, no, you won’t get a refund on your ticket.
Great idea. Are You OK? Will be on hand with an area to get away from it all, and rehydrate, scoff a biscuit or two.
Our events have a zero tolerance for dicks – both the drunken and obnoxious kind. Simple as.
  • Sat 20 Feb: 10am – 4pm
  • Sun 21 Feb: 10am – 4pm
  • Mon 22 Feb: 9am – 4.30pm
  • Tues 23 Feb: 9am – 4.30pm
  • Wed 24 Feb: 9am – 4.30pm